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We just wanted to send a word of thanks to the OVCA for their support during our inaugural year for the Teen Friendly League. We started with a room full of teens too shy to speak to one another, only knowing that curling was 'fun' and that they would have an opportunity to meet people.   
On our closing day, March 27th, we had a fun day of skills, pizza and awards.  
 TFL curlers said:  
•    "What how can this be the last day of the season?"  
•    "I want to make sure that I get everyone's contact info so I can stay in touch through the summer!"  
•    "Boo..hoo, no more home made treats like Deb's lemon cranberry loaf"
Parents comments were:
•    "The season went by all too quickley"  
•    "We appreciated how organized the league was, enjoyed the warm, welcoming feel of the league"  
•    "My son level of confidence has really been nurtured in this league due to the opportunity play different positions and curl with their peers in a non-competitive arena"  
•    "My daughter found her love of curling again"
Thanks to the OVCA (again) we have a great trophy plaque to dedicate to three award winners in our first year. It was hard to speak over the excited chatter from the curlers who had now become good friends and were sad to say good bye to 2013 season.
 Our 2013 awards went to:
•  TFLmostImproved2013 320x240  Josh Luckett - Voted by his fellow curlers as the "Most Improved Curler"  (click to enlarge)
TFLBestSpirit2013 320x240Sierra Sutherland - Voted by her fellow curlers as the curler demonstrating the "Best Curling Spirit"  (click to enlarge)
TFLseasonHighScorer2013 320x240Julie Breton - league's overall season high scorer (click to enlarge)
Each received a certificate and will have their names engraved on the Teen Friendly League Trophy Plaque which will  hang proudly in the club.
 We want to thank the parents who eagerly stepped forward to help out whether that was shovelling the side walk during the snow storm, bringing in delicious home made goodies, cleaning up the lounge or simply stepping in to organize the games/skills - everyone's enthusiasm & energy has made it a curling community worthwhile coming back to.
We have already started receiving registrations for next season! Quite a few of this year's TFL'rs will be returning for another season of recreational curling - and that is great news for us all!
Thank you for a great season
Roz, Deb, Kent
Manotick Bantam Coaching Team
Compliments of the TFL organizing Crew - Roz, Deb, Kent & Chris - who are obviously enjoying the expereince. Roz notes "It has been a wonderful opportunity to network amongst Ottawa area curling clubs, youth program coordinators and meet so many enthusiastic curling families!"
The Teen Friendly Teams for 2012-2013 are:
Team CHCC          Team Zahab            Team Fullerton
Team Daviau        Team Stephenson Team Wallingford
Our curlers come from youth programs from other Clubs such as Carleton Heights, Cityview, Manotick, RCMP and Huntley. Our solo curlers come from the Grade 6 to 8 school curling eperience in neighbouring schools such as St. Leondards, St. Marks HS, Canterbury HS, St. Joesph's HS, St. Francs X, John McCrae HS, Pierre Savard, Longfield Davidson HS, Kars on the Rideau.

DID YOU KNOW? The OVCA recently approved funding to develop, support and promote non-competitive youth curling. The OVCA will engage in a three-year plan, allocating $2,500 in year 1 (commencing September 2012) and increasing to $5,000 in year 2 and 3 to assist OVCA clubs in developing and promoting non-competitive youth programs.
Young non-competitive curlers need an environment to continue curling and clubs need support in developing programs to support the non-competitive curling programs.
It will take at least three years to implement the program. Year 1 (2012-2013), will be the start up year, Year 2 (2013-2014) will see some growth and improvements upon the program and by Year 3 (2014-2015) the program should be in full implementation and there should be visible growth and support for curlers and clubs since Year 1.
The program overview and application form is available here. Contact Jim Inch  if your club would like to take advantage of the funding.
Which Zone is your club in for Little Rock Championships?
Zone 1: Ottawa, RCMP, Navan, Cumberland, Russell, Metcalfe, Winchester, Morrisburg, Glengarry, Alexandria, Vankleek Hill, Hawkesbury, Cornwall, Lancaster, Buckingham, Thurso, Brownsburg, Lachute
Zone 2: Rideau, Navy, RA, Hunt, Manotick, Smiths Falls, North Grenville, Perth, Brockville, Prescott, Gananoque
Zone 3: Granite, Carleton Heights, City View, Huntley, Richmond, Carleton Place, Almonte, Pakenham, Arnprior, Renfrew, Pembroke, Deep River, Shawville
The Youth Symposium was held Sunday Sept 16, 2012 at the Navy CC - the Symposium meeting notes can be found here.
For more information, contact: Glenda Valair
Download the Symposium meeting notes for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011