Quebec Challenge Cup
Current holder of the Cup – Metcalfe Curling Club
Congratulation’s to the Metcalfe Curling Club for winning and retaining the Quebec Challenge Cup for the summer months.  Now that curling is back for the new season, it is time for the 2013-2014 challenges to start.  Pointe Claire will be coming to Metcalfe looking to take the cup back to the province of Quebec.  Win or lose, all players are expected to have a great time as Metcalfe is renowned for being great hosts to outside teams.
The Carleton Heights Curling Club will be up next to play the winner of the Metcalfe-Pointe Claire challenge.  Regardless of who wins, they will be going to a club that knows how to host a good time. 
Clubs are requested to strictly adhere to this schedule. If a Club does not wish to challenge or cannot meet the date, the challenge must pass to the next Club. Each challenger is required to notify Dave Ingham (514) 332-0368 in advance of the challenge date. At that time he will advise you as to who is the current holder, contact person, etc. For additional information, please contact Jeremy MacDonald (613) 558-2751, Royal Caledonian Branch President for 2013-2014.
Nous demandons aux clubs de respecter le calendrier des activités. Si, par hasard, un club éprouve un contretemps, on se doit de passer au club suivant. L’équipe concurrente se doit d’aviser Dave Ingham (514) 332-0368, avant la date du “Challenge”. Il vous dira quelle équipe vous devez rencontrer ainsi que la démarche à suivre. Si vous avez besoin d’informations supplémentaires, veuillez contacter Jeremy MacDonald  (613) 558-2751, le Président de la Filiale Canadienne pour la saison 2013-2014.
Challenge # Club vs Before
947 Metcalfe Pointe Claire Nov. 10, 2013
948 Pointe Claire Carleton Heights Dec, 01, 2013
949 Winner Huntington Dec. 30, 2013
950 Winner Ottawa Hunt Jan. 19, 2014
951 winner Manotick Feb. 09, 2014
952 winner Packenham Mar. 02, 2014
953 winner Sherbrooke Mar. 23, 2014
954 winner Morrisburg Apr. 20, 2014
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