After extended negotiations with Curling Quebec regarding how the Caledonia Cup would be managed this coming year, the OVCA Board of Directors decided to withdraw from the Caledonia Cup for the 2012-13 season. In advising Curling Quebec, it was noted that “The Ottawa Valley Curling Association values our relationship with Curling Quebec and we hope that we can continue to foster the growth and development of curling together, for the betterment of the curlers.” Curling Quebec has responded by emailing all OVCA Club Presidents.
John Dilabio (President, OVCA) referenced the decision in his email to Club Presidents last week and the Caledonia Cup issue was part of the agenda for the 2012 Annual General Meeting. At this meeting, the situation was outlined. At the close of the discussion, a motion was approved supporting "the actions taken by the Board in discontinuing negotiations and further involvement with the Caledonia Cup until such time as Curling Quebec provides complete financial disclosure along with a commitment to a full partnership approach."
For copies of current documents, see below:
OVCA Board decision (John Dilabio email to Jean Lamere (President, Curling Quebec))
Curling Quebec email to OVCA member clubs (Marco Ferraro (Curling Quebec) response to the OVCA email)
OVCA response post AGM 2012 (Elaine Brimicombe to J. Lamere)
Background  (Note to file on negotiations)
Press coverage (Joe Pavia in the Ottawa Sun 091812) (Note: CQ wasn't invited to the AGM nor did they ask to attend)
CQ response to OVCA 09/24/12  (J. Lamere to Elaine Brimicombe)
Press coverage (Joe Pavia in the Ottawa Sun 09/26/12) (Note: CQ wasn't invited to the AGM nor did they ask to attend)
CQ letter proposing to re-open discussions (01/25/13) (J. Lamere to E. Brimicombe)
OVCA response regarding discussions (01/31/13) (E. Brimicombe to J. Lamere)
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