Lou Holtz expressed that, - ability is what you're capable of doing, motivation determines what you ultimately do, and attitude determines how well you do it.

Lou's words of wisdom were spoken in the context of coaching high performance athletes. However, I believe that they ring equally true when applied to any challenge that life brings before us.

The challenge of membership recruitment was recently expressed at the O.V.C.A 2012 annual general meeting. This initiated a very pro-active response from our dedicated board in the form of a "Mission Review." While I am confident that this review will reveal productive and innovative measures to help us deal with this challenge, I wish to venture that we also need to address the challenge of membership retention. Clubs are allocating copious amounts of effort and resources to recruit members, but then lack either the programming or coaching skills that can directly contribute to long-term membership retention. Philosophically similar to what I often related to my economics students, "It's not how much you make...its how much you get to keep"!

We now come to the rationale of "Coach's Corner." Although it is not a unique handle, we do have a specific purpose for launching this new service for our membership. We wish to provide a forum whereby accurate and useful information, tools and techniques can be disseminated throughout the clubs for their specific use in hopes of contributing to planning successful programs, leading to the overall longevity and enjoyment of their membership.

Coach's Corner will initially focus on three primary sectors of curling development in upcoming articles.

  • Club Curling
  • Competitive Curling
  • Coach Training

For ultimate diversity and effectiveness, we are hoping to have a dynamic and interactive forum. We therefore wish to solicit questions, views and opinions
from coaches, athletes and administrators for discussion and dissection. For it is the sharing of these informational assets that the whole of the O.V.C.A. will become greater than its individual parts.

I believe that through a collaborative effort with the membership and the O.V.C.A. mission review committee, we will explore and identify the current issues within these sectors, we have the ABILITY.
Low cost, but very effective tools, techniques and information can then be implemented instilling MOTIVATION towards success. This newly empowered ATTITUDE shall then be the driving force behind every member and club in the O.V.C.A, directing our collective future with determination.

Yours in Curling,

Martin Cavanagh NCCP Coach

A copy of this article is available here.

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