Carter's November/December newsletter has a number of articles that might be of interest to curling club board members - a key one of these articles, written by Terrance S. Carter and Jacqueline M. Demczur, provides a legal risk management checklist for not-for-profit organizations. Carter's have provided an excellent outline of the kinds of risks boards and executive staff face in the operation of not-for-profit organzations.  And remember, the articles themselves don't constitute legal advice and are current only as of the date of publication. Not only is it no longer a simple world, it evolves continually. With regards to the transition process to the new Ontario legislation, check out Carter's Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act webpage. Carters have advised that they will be hosting a full day Charity and Not-for-Profit Seminar on Thursday, February 13, 2013 at the Centurion Centre in Ottawa. Registration information will be available later this month here