Alxander Keith's City of Ottawa Bonspiel
03.15.2013 9:00 am - 11:00 pm


It is hard to imagine that time has passed so quickly and that we are now accepting registrations for the 2013 Alexander Keith's City of Ottawa OVCA Men's Bonspiel. Last year, the Bonspiel Committee initiiated a number of significant changes, in particular to the prize structure and to the Friday evening social event. This year, the prize structure has been refined to include additional prizes for some semi-finals. Also, the Friday evening social event will be shorter, less entertainment (and less volume) and a more of a meal (versus beef on a bun). In addition, teams can now pay by credit card.
Last year's event was oversubscribed so get your registration forms in early. Registration forms are available here. Those paying by credit card can email their registration forms. Those paying by cheque unfortunately need to rely on Canada Post.
For further information, go to cityofottawabonspiel.ovca.com or contact: Peter Smith (ovca.eventscoordinator@hotmail.com) (613) 435-1836