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The Ottawa Valley Curling Association (OVCA) was established in 1959. It is an association of 45 curling clubs in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec whose mandate is to foster curling. The OVCA is an affiliate of the Canadian Curling Association. The OVCA works closely with the CCA and the Ontario Curling Association (OCA) to deliver products and services to curlers and clubs in the Ottawa Valley. The OVCA operates through a board of directors (including a treasurer and secretary and two specialists...youth director and development director. The board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting normally held in September. A Candidates Information Kit is available for anyone who wishes to become a Director of the OVCA.
Your board is made up of dedicated volunteers from many walks of life: accountants, project managers, retired educators and college professor, retired senior public servants, engineers and business owners. The directors have committed to being on the board for a five year period; other positions are for three year (renewable) terms. All directors have been presidents of curling clubs and many have sat on club board of directors and all are active curlers in OVCA clubs.The Upper Valley is represented by a non-voting member of the OVCA, Margaret Lomore, of the Pembroke Curling Club. Our goal is to have additional non-voting members who represent their geographic area (Lower Valley, Seaway, West Quebec).
With legacy funds from the Briers in 1979 and 1993, the OVCA established a Development Fund whose primary function is to give low interest loans (currently limited to $30,000 per club) to member clubs, and support various programs to enhance the sport of curling.
Currently, (2013-14) the cost of joining the OVCA is $100 plus HST/sheet. The fee is used for operating costs and financial support to club programs and curlers.
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