OVCA Review

The Ottawa Valley Curling Association will develop, maintain and support the development of curlers and curling clubs within the Ottawa Valley area through programs that are dedicated to curling development and to the betterment of curling clubs.
Ottawa Valley Curling Association
The following shall be the Goals of the Ottawa Valley Curling Association:
     1. Foster a complete understanding of issues facing Ottawa Valley curling clubs and to share innovative solutions;
     2. Increase participation in the sport of curling in the member clubs, with an emphasis on youth Curling and Learn-to-Curl leagues
     3. Recognise and support significant curling and volunteer achievements.
     4. Develop a comprehensive plan to address stated goals and objectives.


GOAL 1: Foster a complete understanding of issues facing Ottawa Valley curling clubs and to share innovative solutions
Specific Objectives:
     1. Recognize the unique differences between Rural and Urban clubs, identify the different challenges faced by these clubs.
     2. Provide a mechanism that supports the exchange of information among member clubs by:
          a. Create a central location for curling clubs, employees and contractors to share knowledge and experience;
          b. Establish regular Regional meetings (West, Central and East); and
          c. Assist member clubs by promoting and presenting ideas for marketing the activities of those clubs
     3. Increase attendance at the annual Business of Curling seminars by five (5) clubs each year for the next three curling seasons – 2013 to 2016.
     4. Increase OVCA communication with member clubs by:
          a. Encourage each member club to appoint an OVCA Representative to attend two or three OVCA meetings per year;
          b. An OVCA Board Member attending at least one member club Board Meeting or Annual General Meeting each year; and
          c. Ensuring that OVCA information reaches club executive and club members.
      5. Review, assess and modify, where necessary, the policy and procedures regarding the Loan Program, as recommended by the Policy Review Committee and reviewed by the Board of Directors of the OVCA every three to five years.

Goal 2: Increase participation in the sport of curling in the member clubs, with an emphasis on youth Curling and Learn-to-Curl leagues.
Specific Objectives:
     1. Encourage the development of novice leagues, such as Colts (under five years of experience), in each club to ease new members into regular league programs;
     2. Pursue the establishment of Elementary and High School curling programs;
     3. Support after school and week-end youth programs;
     4. Promot grass roots, little rock, youth and recreational bonspiels;
     5. Promote participation in OVCA main bonspiels; and
     6. Pursue re-establishment of traditional Regional, Branch or Ladies Curling Association events.

Goal 3: Recognise and support significant curling and volunteer achievements.
Specific Objectives:
     1. Recognize teams for their success in winning national or provincial awards for which no tangible recognition has been supplied by the Canadian Curling Association. (amended 2/19/14)
     2. Promote volunteerism and recognise significant volunteer contribution through the Ken Thane Award each year;
     3. Offer a fifty-dollar ($50.00) rebate to participants who complete the Club Coaching Course and who commit to teaching and/or coaching in their home club.

Goal 4: Develop a comprehensive plan to address stated goals and objectives.
Specific Objectives:
     1. Identify and promote the value of OVCA membership among member and non-member clubs.
     2. Develop a marketing plan for the OVCA.

Copy in MS Word format available here.

This year, the Board of Directors mandated three members to meet with Duncan Jamieson, to review and suggest changes and adjustments to the OVCA Mandate. The committee met over the summer and has developed a number of suggestions, including a revised Mission Statement, revised Goals and revised Objectives. All of these suggestions were formulated with a concentration on the clubs and the curlers.

All of this work was a result of Duncan’s superb review of the OVCA with a number of the members clubs this past year, where some critical observations were made as to the role of the OVCA and even its visibility among the member clubs and the curlers.
The resultant report of the committee will be presented in summary form at the AGM.
Submitted: Liz Armstrong, Frank Van Ryckeghem, Jim Inch (Chair) and Duncan Jamieson (Facilitator).
Duncan Jamieson has completed the review of the Ottawa Valley Curling Association with two "focus" group meetings and a follow-up discussion with the OVCA Board (May 6th). The Board has tasked a number of Board members to generate a work plan and report back in June. The result will be the focus for thie September 16th Annual General Meeting along with the closely related issues of a dearth of volunteers and the need to grow club membership. A copy of the powerpoint presentation is here. Duncan's report to the OVCA Board can be found here.
At the Ottawa Valley Curling Association's Annual General Meeting there was a round table discussion as to how to recruit new curlers for our clubs. The OVCA board of directors continued this discussion with the CCA. Through these informative discussions the OVCA realized it was time to revisit our mandate and mission to ensure we are meeting the needs of two vital stakeholders – the clubs and curlers.
For many years, the Ottawa Valley Curling Association (OVCA) has provided an array of services to clubs including a number of bonspiels, coaching/teaching programs, funding for capital projects and web communication.  We continue to be committed to providing the most relevant services to its member clubs and curlers.  As such, it is important that the OVCA consult and listen to its members.
With the changing nature of curling clubs and the demographics of curlers, the OVCA must ensure that its mission, goals, objectives and resulting services are aligned with the needs of its members.  Therefore, the OVCA Board of Directors has decided to conduct a review of this direction.

This review will begin in December and be completed by spring at which time the OVCA Board will decide on any changes necessary. The first step in the process will be to gather feedback from clubs and curlers to provide input to the review exercise.  The review team will be contacting club presidents and managers to obtain their perspective with respect to the OVCA and its programs.  In addition, short questionnaires will be used to collect information from curlers.  After discussion of the data collected and the view of curlers, the Board will decide on what if any changes are appropriate and clubs will be consulted on any proposed changes.
Since this process has been approved to ensure that programs are aligned with OVCA club needs, your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.  The review team will ensure that your views are presented in a confidential manner and will not involve a significant amount of your time.  The review process including the collection of information will be led by Duncan Jamieson.  Should you have any questions, please contact Duncan at 613-552-8334.
Yours truly
President, Ottawa Valley Curling Association