Clubs may apply for loans up to $30,000 at a rate of Royal Bank prime minus 1%. Doug Sears (Chairman, Board of Administrators) is the manager of this fund. Approximately $1.2 million has been loaned under this program. Currently, nine of the 45 member clubs have loans in place - and since the initiation of the fund, all but six of the OVCA member clubs have utilized these loans. For more information on the Fund, for the OVCA financial statements which outline the status of the Fund (and other documents presented at the 2012 AGM  go here. For the relevant By-Laws, go here  or contact the Secretary of the OVCA ( for a copy. 
Financial support for non-competitive youth programs at OVCA clubs. The OVCA has embarked on a program to provide financial support (up to $500 per year) to help clubs grown their non-competitive youth programs.
Financial support for clubs hosting provincial finals which lead to national competition and national events is currently under development by the board for presentation to the OVCA AGM in September 2013.
Many OVCA clubs have taken advantage of this service which is a great way to connect with your members and provide information to potential curlers.
The OVCA will provide workshops and seminars on a wide variety of curling topics and using the services and support of other organizations to help clubs. Upcoming seminars include: The Business of Curling, Membership and Marketing. Watch the website or e-newsletters for dates and details.

What does the OVCA offer Curlers?
OVCA Website and FaceBook
Up-to-date information on curling in the Ottawa Valley is a click away with access to the OVCA website and FaceBook page. Subscribe to the new feeds and receive updates to your e-mail. Enjoy “Coaches Corner” and the “Calendar of Events” as well as Ottawa Valley curling news. Future plans include a blog for sharing of information and a Twitter account to keep our members up to date during the OVCA competitions.
  • ROYAL LEPAGE OVCA WOMEN'S CLASSIC is a competitive women’s event on the World Curling Tour. The North Grenville Curling Club hosts this event in November. Curlers from across North America and Europe participate in this World Curling Tour event.
  • JSI OVCA JUNIOR SUPERSPIEL a competitive bonspiel for 16 men and 16 women’s teams held in November at area clubs giving OVCA curlers a chance to compete against the best junior curlers. This is a well known and respective event that attracts teams locally, nationally and internationally.
  • OVCA MIXED BONSPIEL a great mixed bonspiel for club curlers - a great chance to curl at many Ottawa clubs. This bonspiel provides an opportunity for curlers from across the Ottawa Valley in three events: senior (32 teams); open (48 teams) and Colts - under 5 years (8 teams). The bonspiel is normally the third week of January and held over four days at ten clubs across the Ottawa Valley.
  • ALEXANDER KEITH'S CITY OF OTTAWA MEN'S BONSPIELtakes place in mid-March at numerous Ottawa area clubs with 148 teams in the open, 48 senior teams, 32 senator teams and 16 teams in the Colts event (under 5 years).
  • HOGLINE OVCA LITTLE ROCK CHAMPIONSHIP held in March each year with play downs in every zone to qualify. 
The OVCA subsidizes travel expenses for youth (bantam, junior and university) teams attending OCA and Ontario University Provincial Championships. In addition, the OVCA provides grants to OVCA junior teams who advance to the: Canadian University Championships, Canadian Junior Championships and World Junior Championships. Participants must be members of OVCA clubs, see the policy for complete details (attached).
FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR Non-Competitive Youth Curlers 
The Fund was created to help clubs support their non-competitive your curlers. Three initiatives have been approved to date for 2013-2014: (Manotick Curling Centre, Smith Falls Golf and Squash Club and the Renfrew Curling Club) have received funding to support their youth curlers. (see the policy attached).
The OVCA is proud to work with Capital One Rocks & Rings to promote curling in schools. The program visits participating schools for a full school day and takes over the schools's gym as classes take turns visiting for 40 minute sessions of fun and instruction. Various drills, relays and team -building activities are used to introduce students to the sport of curling. For more information, go to Rocks & Rings.
In partnership with the OCA the OVCA supports volunteers obtain their coaching certification. The courses are arranged through the OCA to help clubs run their junior programs. The OVCA Junior Symposium is held annually in September – this is an opportunity for junior coaches and volunteers involved in junior curling to come together and exchange ideas and plan events.
Annual General Meeting and Presidents’ Dinner
The OVCA Annual General Meeting and Presidents' Dinner is held during mid September each year. The various reports and financial statements are uploaded to the website as they become available.  Club presidents (or their alternate) are encouraged to come to the meeting and find out the news...where we have been and where we are going.  The information package for the 2011 meeting for Club Presidents is here. The 2012 information is available here.
What can curlers do?
Volunteer, it is as simple as that! You may have a few hours a month or a few hours a week, but the events and Ottawa Valley Curling Association needs your support. Tell us what you need as a curler to be successful...tell us what your club needs or wants to be successful.
Here are few ideas:
  • Become your club’s Ottawa Valley Curling Association Club Representative and be one of the first to know what is going on in the OVCA. Information flows from the board of directors to the club representatives and we want the information to flow back to the board. Talk to us! 
  • Join a committee – each of the four events needs volunteer support to continue. A wide range of volunteer positions make up each committee. 
  • Join the Ottawa Valley Board of Directors and help drive and direct the future of curling in the area. A Candidates Information Kit is available for anyone who wishes to become a Director of the OVCA. Typically directors spend five years on the board in a progression of roles leading to president of the Ottawa Valley Curling Association. Candidates Information Kit is available for anyone who wishes to become a Director of the OVCA.
OVCA logos are available in JPG format here. in PNG format here, in EPS format (zipped due to size) here or in PSD format (zipped due to size) here.