Brier profits from 1979 and 1993 (2003 Brier ran a deficit) were used to set up the fund and provide help to member clubs, who can get loans of up to $30,000 for capital purposes, less than prime interest rates and with great repayment terms.
Loans are advanced from the Development Fund in accordance with a policy adopted by the Board at its meeting of 20 May 2009. To review this policy, please click here
Download the application form (pdf format) (word format) to request funding from the Development Fund. For more information, contact Doug Sears.
Information required:
  • Name of Club
  • Address and telephone of Club
  • Legal Status of Club
  • Details of Ownership of Club Premises
  • Club President
  • Club Secretary
  • Club Officer to contact regarding the application
  • Details of Membership: Attach fee schedule as Appendix I showing numbers of members of each class at the date of application and estimated numbers for next year
  • Purpose to which funds are to be applied: Attach full explanation as Appendix II to explain project, including the total cost of the project
  • Total amount of loan requested
  • Date required
  • If requirement is in stages - 30 days of more apart - please specify dates and amounts of total loan required as of each date
  • Financial Statements: Attach a copy of last complete year’s financial statements as Appendix III and current year’s budget as Appendix IV, including the proposed project for which this loan is requested.
(Note: the above should include balance sheets with details of all indebtedness and statements of receipts and disbursements and any available auditor’s reports thereon).